Quality Policy

NOWIMI S. M. AL-HAJRI EST  affirms its commitment to quality.


It is our policy to ensure a planned approach to continuous quality improvement in all aspects of our business with a view to achieving total customer satisfaction.


We will strive to exceed our customer’s expectations by continuous quality improvement which will be ensured by setting quality objectives and will underline our commitment to provide high standard of quality work through effective leadership, engineering designed to improve creativity and innovation within the organization.


By enhancing both individual and team contribution to quality, we will endeavour to maximize positive impact and growth.

Health & Safety Policy

NOAIMI S. M. AL-HAJRI EST affirms its commitment to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all its employees and ensure that its operations are carried out in a manner that protects the environment and community in general.


Our Philosophy:

  • All accidents are preventable and

  • No task is so important that risk of injury to people or damage to the environment is justified.


The objectives of the policy shall be achieved at all company locations by:

  • Promoting a positive culture based on improving our HSE performance;

  • Complying with all applicable HSE legislation;

  • Identifying and eliminating/ controlling hazards and pollution that could cause accidents, illness or environmental harm;

  • Providing training for employees to maintain HSE systems;

  • Integrating HSE procedures into every operations of the company;

  • Employing those who aspire to adopt the same HSE standards in their works.


The senior management shall visibly uphold the principles of this policy and integrate them throughout the company. The management and supervisory personnel shall be responsible for implementing and maintaining the HSE management system necessary to sustain this policy.


Engineering design, Vehicles, Plant, Equipment & Machinery, Human

Resources, Tendering, Material Procurement and the other service units of the company shall support the operation of the management policy.


Working safely and in an environmentally appropriate manner are conditions of employment.